Division of Organic Chemistry: Call for Abstracts

Submission Deadline: Monday, October 11, 2021

Program Chair(s): Emily McLaughlin, Steven Silverman

Note: Submission deadlines are at 11:59 EST on the day posted. Symposia, organizers and deadlines are subject to change. Last updated October 17, 2021.

Title    Type    Submission Type Organizer Cosponsor Description
ACS Award for Creative Work in Synthetic Organic Chemistry Oral Invited
    ACS Petroleum Research Fund at 65 Oral Invited
      Advancements in Isotope Labelling Strategies of Small Molecules Oral Invited
        Advances in the Synthesis and Applications of Strained Ring Compounds Oral Invited
          Approaches and Applications in Enzyme Engineering Oral Invited
            Arthur C. Cope Award Symposium Oral Invited
              Asymmetric Reactions & Syntheses Oral Contributed
                Asymmetric Reactions & Synthesis Poster Contributed
                  Biocatalysis and Biologically Related Processes Oral Contributed
                    Biocatalysis and Biologically Related Processes Poster Contributed
                      C-H Activation Oral Contributed
                        Carbon Allotropes, Materials, Devices & Switches Oral Contributed
                          Carbon Allotropes, Materials, Devices & Switches Poster Contributed
                            CH Activation Poster Contributed
                              Cross Coupling Reactions Oral Contributed
                                Cross Coupling Reactions Poster Contributed
                                  Driving Reaction and Process Innovation through Green Chemistry Oral Invited
                                    Earle B. Barnes Award for Leadership in Chemical Research Management Oral Invited
                                      Electrochemistry in Organic Synthesis Oral Contributed
                                        Electrochemistry in Organic Synthesis Poster Contributed
                                          Elias J. Corey Award for Outstanding Original Contribution in Organic Synthesis by a Young Investigator Oral Invited
                                            Ernest Guenther Award in the Chemistry of Natural Products Oral Invited
                                              Flow Chemistry & Continuous Processes Oral Contributed
                                                Flow Chemistry & Continuous Processes Poster Contributed
                                                  From Activation to Turnover: Key Insights in Pd Catalysis from Industry and Academia Oral Contributed
                                                    From Theory to Therapy: New Developments in Quantum Mechanical Calculations for Driving Best Chemistry in Academia and Industry Oral Invited
                                                      Green Methods & Syntheses Oral Contributed
                                                        Green Methods & Syntheses Poster Contributed
                                                          Herbert C. Brown Award for Creative Research in Synthetic Methods Oral Invited
                                                            Heterocycles & Aromatics Oral Contributed
                                                              Heterocycles & Aromatics Poster Contributed
                                                                Industrial Early Career Investigator Symposium Oral Invited
                                                                  Industrial Mid-Career Investigator Symposium Oral Invited
                                                                    James Flack Norris Award in Physical Organic Chemistry Oral Invited
                                                                      Metal-Mediated Reactions & Syntheses Oral Contributed
                                                                        Metal-Mediated Reactions & Syntheses Poster Contributed
                                                                          Modern Catalytic Methods for the Preparation and Functionalization of Carbohydrates Oral Invited
                                                                            Modern Methods for Alkene Difunctionalization Oral Invited
                                                                              Molecular Recognition & Self-Assembly Oral Contributed
                                                                                Molecular Recognition & Self-Assembly Poster Contributed
                                                                                  New Reactions & Methodology Oral Contributed
                                                                                    New Reactions & Methodology Poster Contributed
                                                                                      Nucleic Acids, Carbohydrates and Peptides Oral Contributed
                                                                                        Nucleic Acids, Carbohydrates and Peptides Poster Contributed
                                                                                          Organometallics Distinguished Author Award Symposium Oral Invited
                                                                                            Outstanding Chemists of Color Oral Invited
                                                                                              Photocatalysis and Photochemistry Oral Contributed
                                                                                                Photocatalysis and Photochemistry Poster Contributed
                                                                                                  Physical Organic Chemistry - Calculations, Mechanisms, Photochemistry & High Energy Species Poster Contributed
                                                                                                    Physical Organic Chemistry: Calculations, Mechanisms, Photochemistry & High-Energy Species Oral Contributed
                                                                                                      Process Chemistry: New Developments in Pharmaceutical Process Development (VI) Oral Invited
                                                                                                        We propose to organize a symposium for the San Diego National ACS meeting focused on recent developm...
                                                                                                        Recent Synthetic Innovations through Academic-Industrial Collaborations Oral Invited
                                                                                                          Ronald Breslow Award for Achievement in Biomimetic Chemistry Oral Invited
                                                                                                            Scientific Presentations and Panel Discussion by Representative and Industrial LGBTQ+ Chemists Oral Invited
                                                                                                              Successful Products and Models of Undergraduate-Based Research: Good Science, Better Scientists Oral Invited
                                                                                                                Synthetic Advances Toward Novel Bicyclo[1.1.1]pentanes Oral Invited
                                                                                                                  Taming the Unnatural – Innovative Noncanonical Amino Acid Synthesis for Drug Discovery and Beyond Oral Invited
                                                                                                                    Technical Achievements in Organic Chemistry Oral Invited
                                                                                                                      Total Synthesis of Complex Molecules Oral Contributed
                                                                                                                        Total Synthesis of Complex Molecules Poster Contributed