Division of Computers in Chemistry: Call for Abstracts

Submission Deadline: Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Program Chair(s): Alex Dickson, Henry Woodcock, Maria Nagan, Kira Armacost

Note: Submission deadlines are at 11:59 EST on the day posted. Symposia, organizers and deadlines are subject to change. Last updated September 21, 2023.

Title    Type    Submission Type Organizer Cosponsor Description
ACS Computers in Chemistry Awards Oral Contributed
    Advances in Macrocyclic Design: Computational and Biophysical Methods Oral Contributed
    • MEDI
    A significant fraction of pharmaceutically relevant protein targets are difficult to target with con...
    Chemical Computing Group Graduate Student Travel Awards Poster Contributed
      This award is for graduate students. Applicants must also apply at https://www.acscomp.org/awards/ch...
      COMP Poster Session Poster Contributed
        COMP Sci-Mix Poster Contributed
            Data Science for Catalysis: Automated-Synthesis, Process Optimization & Catalyst Discovery Oral Contributed
              Heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis are instrumental in developing commercial materials, which s...
              Drug Design Oral Contributed
              • MEDI
              Emerging Techniques to Quantify Biomolecular Conformational Ensembles Oral Contributed
                It is tempting to picture a protein or nucleic acid structure as static, occupying a single canonica...
                Free and Open-Source Software: Harnessing the Power of Data Oral Contributed
                  The developments in computer architectures and software have enabled large-scale modeling of chemica...
                  Machine Learning in Chemistry Oral Contributed
                  • MEDI
                  Material Science Oral Contributed
                    Molecular Mechanics Oral Contributed
                      NVIDIA GPU Award Poster Contributed
                        Open-Eye Outstanding Junior Faculty Award Poster Contributed
                          This award is for pre-tenure faculty members and new national lab prinicipal investigators. Applican...
                          Quantum Mechanics Oral Contributed
                            Symposium in honor of the 60th Birthday of Prof. Carlos Simmerling: Molecular Dynamics, from Force Field Development to Biological Applications Oral Invited
                              Computational chemistry has always been a field on the cutting edge of research, requiring a willing...
                              Symposium in honor of the 80th Birthday of Prof. Kendall N. Houk: Pushing Back the Frontiers of Computational Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology Oral Invited
                                Computational chemistry has transformed organic chemistry and chemical biology. Over 55 years of aca...
                                Tack Kuntz Symposium on Structures, Energetics & Dynamics of Protein Binding: From Theory to Drug Design Oral Invited
                                  Biomacromolecules such as proteins play an important role in many biological processes through inter...
                                  Virtual Graduate Students Symposium in Asia-Pacific Region on Computational Chemistry Oral Contributed
                                    This virtual symposium is initiated and co-organized by Southwestern China Chapter of ACS. Graduate ...
                                    Wiley Computers in Chemistry Outstanding Postdoc Award Poster Contributed
                                      This award is for post-doctoral fellows. Applicants must also apply at https://www.acscomp.org/award...