Division of Chemical Information: Call for Abstracts

Submission Deadline: Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Program Chair(s): Margaret Lafferty, Michelle Nolan, Ye Li

Note: Submission deadlines are at 11:59 EST on the day posted. Symposia, organizers and deadlines are subject to change. Last updated September 21, 2023.

Title    Type    Submission Type Organizer Cosponsor Description
Algorithm Development and Data Analysis in Chemical Space Oral Contributed
    This symposium covers the generation, cleaning, analysis, and visualization of chemical data. Develo...
    Catalysis Data Reporting Oral Contributed
    • CATL
    Best practices for multidisciplinary data reporting in catalysis research.
    Chemical Data Interoperability, Validation & Evaluation Oral Contributed
      Best practices for machine-actionable data and programmatic data exchange.
      Chemical informatics (R)evolution: Towards Democratization and Open Science Oral Contributed
        The symposium will discuss the continued progress and (r)evolution of the chemical informatics field...
        Chemical Information Across the Chemistry Enterprise Poster Contributed
          This poster session will highlight the intersection of chemical information and other chemistry disc...
          Chemical Safety Information in the 21st Century Oral Contributed
          • CHED
          • CHAS
          Since 2000, the world of chemical safety information has advanced both technically (e.g. GHS and RAM...
          Chemistry/STEM Collection Development and Management in (Always) Challenging Times Oral Contributed
            This symposium will highlight the ways that libraries are currently seeking opportunities and addres...
            Chemoinformatics in the Cloud Oral Contributed
              More and more applications are available in the cloud. What is the future of chemistry applications...
              CINF Sci-Mix Poster Contributed
                  Combatting Science Mis- and Dis-Information Oral Contributed
                  • ETHX
                  Incorrect information in science literature is not new, but review mechanisms, corrections, and retr...
                  Cross-Disciplinary Data Exchange Oral Contributed
                    Shared challenges in FAIR data management and broad initiatives in interdisciplinary data sharing.
                    Digital Metrology and Chemistry Oral Contributed
                      Enabling FAIR chemical data is critical for chemistry to progress toward the digitalization of resea...
                      Enhance your Data - Smart Ways to Metadata and Knowledge Graphs Oral Contributed
                        Data is undeniably the key for future machine-based knowledge generation. But without providing cont...
                        FAIR Management of Spectroscopic Data in Chemistry – Solutions and Standards Oral Contributed
                          One of the core evidences of chemical structure in experimental chemistry is spectroscopic analysis....
                          Glycoinformatics Oral Contributed
                          • MEDI
                          • COMP
                          • CARB
                          • BIOL
                          In this symposium, we will discuss various topics in glycoinformatics, including (but not limited to...
                          Helping Chemists Manage their Data Oral Contributed
                            More experiments than ever before are being conducted by scientists and researchers worldwide. On th...
                            Herman Skolnik Award Symposium Honoring Dr. Patrick Walters Oral Invited
                              Machine Learning and AI for Organic Chemistry Oral Contributed
                              • ORGN
                              • COMP
                              This symposium will focus on the application of data science and machine learning techniques to the ...
                              OSTP Public Access Guidance: What Next? Oral Invited
                                The 2022 OSTP Nelson Memo set out an ambitious vision for public access to federally funded research...
                                Past, Present and Future of AI and Predictive Analytics for Chemical Reactions Oral Contributed
                                • MEDI
                                • ORGN
                                • COMP
                                In the past few years, predictive analytics for chemical reactions, whether rule-based or through ma...
                                Policy, Guidance, and Stakeholders in Data Sharing and Curation Oral Contributed
                                  Exploring stakeholder roles in sustainable data sharing and curation.
                                  Quantitative read-across and RASAR in computational toxicology Oral Contributed
                                  • COMP
                                  Quantitative read-across is a similarity-based prediction approach which enables quick prediction of...
                                  Taking a Deep Dive into Chemical Space Oral Contributed
                                  • MEDI
                                  • COMP
                                  Three exciting information-rich technologies are emerging at the interface of data and chemistry in ...